Package Deals

Our service begins when our applicants make the first contact, we become a “friend” in New Zealand, to bounce ideas off, check on the legitimacy of things you are being told, and arrange things at this end to ensure a relaxed arrival.
Any investment you make in utilising this service, will be returned to you by making your relocation easier, get you in to a home quicker, settle the children and safeguard your belongings and family.
The difficult issues that arise with relocation will be smoothed for you by professionals; this gets you active and productive in your new home city faster.

Our network of service providers that we have put together to assist you when moving include:

Job offers before you leave Phillipines

INZ Work Visa
Whatever your situation we are here to help you to obtain a job offer and have immigration advisors to assist you through the immigration process. Where migration can be complicated and stressful to negotiate through, we are here to keep things simple. Our aim is to advise and assist you in all of your queries when it comes to immigration.

Airport Transfers, Accommodation
We have done the hard work for you by gathering the professional’s that make relocating and settling in easier. We will even organise your collection from the Airport to ensure you get to your accommodation which has been organised for you.

Ptc Pastoral Care
Our code sets out the minimum standards of advice and care that will be expected to be provided to international applicants. Applicants who have entered New Zealand in the past to work have not had this level of support or back up which we consider paramount to the success of employment long term.

The aim will be to create an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and respected and where all applicants will have immediate access to our highly trained staff.

We guarantee that the Pastoral Care Team will assist applicants with their needs via telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They will assist workers with medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, general advice, any visa or personal issues.

The Pastoral Care Team representatives will be available to offer immediate advice and assist with any issues that arise.